Monday, December 29, 2008

Ephemera: Wedding Invites (2008)

After a long pause, I'm finally adding more projects!

This is a wedding invite set that I created. The clients wanted to create something that was inexpensive, had a hand-made feel, was reminiscent of Mexican loteria cards, but carried imagery that was important to them.

We came up with some initial ideas together and then we went through a few comps to get it just right. The outer enclosure is screenprinted in 2 colors and then folded and "die-cut" by hand on the front panel (the panel with the bride and groom's initials), using an exacto knife and a paper punch.

The interior cards contained wedding information on the reverse sides and simple imagery on the fronts. These were printed on a color photocopier using a nice paper that was laser printer friendly. By doing something as simple as using a nice paper, it's pretty easy to fool people into thinking that you used a much more expensive printing method than was actually used.

All in all, I think these turned out pretty nice, and offered something unique for a special day. A little hand-made action goes a long way.

The invite enclosure, and cards for directions, info, and an rsvp postcard:

The back of the invite enclosure: