Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Poster: New Fangs (2004)

11 x 17", color xerox, edition of 50.

I designed this poster for a coworker who was the drummer for New Fangs. I've always had a hard time with 2-color posters. I find them incredibly difficult to create, but there are friends and designers that I admire (like Art Chantry or Andrio Abero) that excel at 1- and 2-color poster design. This was my conscious attempt to limit myself color-wise. One of the nice things about doing a limited color design is that you are so much more aware of how the white of the paper is your friend and, if used right, becomes more than just the canvas, but a color in itself. The Saul Bass-ish hanging man in the poster is a good example of this.

The type is almost all hand lettered with sharpie, and then scanned, bitmapped, placed, and colored, in Illustrator.