Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Book: ANWAGTHAP by Nicola Griffith (2007)

Nicola Griffith was cool enough to want to publish her amazing memoir with Payseur and Schmidt. Since she was entrusting us with something near and dear to her heart, we felt like we should reciprocate by creating a whole box of memories, instead of a typical memoir in book form. For And Now We Are Going To Have A Party: Liner Notes to a Writer's Early Life, I designed the following: a CD of Nicola's songs from her early 1980s punk/new wave band Janes Plane (and more), three scratch-and-sniff cards detailing scents particular to specific wheres and whens in Nicola's life, a letterpressed preface card by Dorothy Allison, a fold-out poster of a collage Nicola made in her early years in Catholic school, a signing sheet masquerading as a baby photo, a fascimile of the first book that she ever created, and five volumes of her memoir -- all housed in die-cut box and secured by a printed "obi" band.

Design-wise, I ended up creating a very minimal design for the project, since I had little time to create this gem, and I really wanted Nicola's imagery to show through. This was the first project that was printed entirely by my friends Lance and Beth at Thingmakers in Tacoma. I'm pretty proud of the whole project and it definitely has been well-received - now I just need more people to purchase this gem, so we can make our money back!

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