Sunday, February 11, 2007

Exhibition: Disney - The Music behind the Magic (2007)

EMP's new exhibition Disney: The Music Behind the Magic was curated by Jasen Emmons. I co-art directed the exhibition with exhibit designer Ken Burns (not that Ken Burns) and did all of the graphic production. We decided to use a translucent P95 substrate to print the text panels on - we used a flatbed printed process that works sort of like screenprinting, but all colors at once - it made a nice effect. We used the same process for all of the case citations, which were printed ganged up on panels of archival mattboard and then cut to size. I also came up with the idea of doing large-scale murals on the walls. I created the graphics for the murals, printed them out as black positives on transparencies, and then used an old overhead projector to project the images on the walls, which were then traced and then painted. Cheap and effective.

I used Futura Medium solely throughout the whole exhibition.

Image (below) showing the Name That Tune interactive. Note the halftoned "head" graphics on the interactive and the Disneyland schematic mural painted on the yellow wall to the right.

Image (below) of fake record labels I created for the outside wall of the exhibition, which was actually made of different colored vinyl records.Image (below) showing painted murals on the right and left walls.

Image (below) of the Theme Parks section, showing the Disneyland schematic mural, and one of the P95 text panels.

Image (below) of how I designed and ganged up the citations so that they all could be printed on a few sheets of archival mattboard. The grey color was the color of the mattboard and is just included for reference.Image (below) showing a closeup of one of the P95 text panels. The panels were offset off the wall by 3/4ths of an inch or so, to create a layered, depth effect.