Monday, January 29, 2007

Poster: Richard Peterson (2005)

11" x 17", color xerox, edition of 50.

I created this during a period where I was using the typeface Univers almost, um, universally in my designs, partially because I really liked Univers and I felt that if I used it constantly, I'd be able to learn its strengths and weaknesses by design osmosis. I think also because the world of type is a scary one, and I wanted to focus on only using a few typefaces, instead of zillions.

During this time I was also trying to design posters by pulling together 5 - 10 random, pleasing images, and making them work together as an assemblage. I was less (or not at all) interested in how the imagery worked as an effective advertisement for the band or venue (perhaps to their dislike.)

I reused this assemblage for one image in a series of fake book covers that I did for an article on SF Site by Jeff VanderMeer.