Thursday, January 25, 2007

Exhibition / Book: Eight Essential Ingredients / Cuckoo's Nest (2006)

"Eight Essential Ingredients" was a group exhibition curated by myself and Gabe Kean of Belle & Wissell at the Richard Hugo House in February of 2006. "Cuckoo's Nest" was a component of the exhibition where I coerced friend and poster designer Mike King to create fake advertisements of a strange nature. Those images were then handed out to 5 different authors related to the Richard Hugo House. The writers then wrote fictional "reviews" based on the "advertisements" provided. I designed and, along with Gabe, Sara, Celeste, and Lily, fabricated each of the exhibition pieces. Hilarity ensues.

I created a commemorative chapbook for the exhibition, entitled "Cuckoo's Nest." The chapbook was a simple 5" x 7" saddle-stitched affair, with color-xeroxed interiors on a nice stock. Below are sample spreads from the interior. Chapbook is for sale at Payseur & Schmidt.