Saturday, January 27, 2007

Poster: Ian McLagan/Victor Mature (2003)

11" x 17", color xerox, edition of 50.

I still like this poster a lot. This was at a time where I actually had enough free time to be able to spend 8 hours on a poster I wasn't getting paid for. My friend Liam was the lead guitar player in the Victor Mature and he asked me if I'd do a poster for their upcoming show. I created an initial design that was horrible, and Matt, Victor Mature's crazy drummer, convinced me to give it another go.

The previous winter I had gotten several nice sets of wood type for my letterpress from my mother, and I got the idea to actually ink up the letters that I needed, press them onto paper by hand, and then scan those forms into the computer to hand place for the type. The only problem was that I overinked the letters, and didn't really know at the time how long it would take for the ink to dry on the page. I ended up having to use a fan over the course of an hour to dry the ink, while I worked on the other parts of the design. I remember at the show that Ian McLagan really liked the poster and wanted me to send him a copy, which I never did. I should have, though.

[Addendum: one of McLagan's associates saw this post recently and I will be sending them copies of the poster - aw, the internet. -jjm]